Augmented reality app for public transport users
Augmented reality app for public transport users
Engagement model:
Fixed Cost
1 month
1 person
Technologies used
Android SDK
Apple SDK

Business challenges:

Our client is a mid-size startup which provides an augmented reality solution targeted at public transport users. The main business challenge for the client consists of evaluating its POC (Proof of Concept).  

Our solution

Since the majority of existing public transport stops are not equipped with special labels for augmented reality, our team came up with quite a non-trivial solution. Our engineers implemented the so-called “pseudo” AR concept which helps the mobile application to recognize a stop using the data from a compass and a gyroscope.

Our application visually “follows” the camera in a smartphone. Then it determines which transport stop a user has directed his camera at. Finally, the app shows the current transport schedule and an estimated transport arrival time for this particular stop.

Specific features

Our team managed to make the solution energy-efficient which helps to save battery life when the application is running. Also, the schedule is automatically updated with actual estimates for the arriving transport when the application is on.

Business benefits

Both iOS and Android applications were implemented and successfully tested. The result of our collaboration is a fully functional prototype. This way, it would be fair to say that the customer’s POC is valid and ready to undergo the next stage of development. 

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