The Art of Profitable App Entrepreneurship

It is almost useless to point out that people today have gone mobile. Nowadays apps are a perfect way to communicate with tech-savvy people. Statistics has it that an average American dedicates at least two hours to his/her smartphone a day. Hardly does the respective number differ greatly for other countries. As Gartner predicts it, by the year of 2018 mobile application development initiatives will be in greater demand than mobile app development companies will be in position to provide them. Alternatively, the number of mobile devices acquired per year keeps growing, too.

All the above mentioned facts indicate that the idea of launching your own app development business today is relevant and mainstream more than ever. This also holds true for rendering an already-existing iOS app development company an all-time successful venture. And the thing that is going to help you get more leverage in the market is to pick up the so-called art of profitable app entrepreneurship.

1. Every undertaking starts with an idea. It is important that the primary goal does not lie in the pursuing money-focused objectives. Aspiring app developers should burn with their idea and be passionate about it. If not, there is an evident risk of being overwhelmed and discouraged by inevitable failings and expenses.

2. Once you have the idea, be sure there is a place in the market for your app to flourish. You can be 100% in the quality and usefulness of your application, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will find a quick sale. Apart from the coding part, design, and a well thought through strategy, testing is as essential and critical. So before continuing toiling and moiling with app development, try using the model-view-presenter (MVP) design pattern to get your app tested.

When your service or product is in a competitive market, designing a successful mobile application is an efficient way to make it stand out among your industry rivals and get ahead. Elinext Group comes up with app solutions that are aimed at promoting your product or service. The software development company has developed an exclusive application for Pantene Pro-V in the form of an augmented reality entertaining game. It has also solved an intricate task of creating a mobile app called TripWolf Travel Guide that helps travelers with organizing their trips and enjoying them to the fullest. The company has done it in a unique and creative way, demonstrating that keeping a company’s head above water is possible even in the climate of competition.

3. Setting clear goals is another constituent of a prosperous enterprise. You should work out an ultimate picture of the desired business. The thing to be taken into consideration here is how irreplaceable your application is going to be for your users. Besides, it is critical to learn about your competitors in the field and outstrip them in your excellence and performance.

4. Next step – strategy. While thinking it over, be true to the following aspects:

  • Be press friendly. This includes building up a plain home page with a few insightful descriptive sentences. Be serious about shortlisting journalists, bloggers, and other people who can give coverage to your app. In order to be more publicly accessible, you want to create a sort of a press kit. It should be comprised of high quality pictures and a press release.
  • One more simple, yet, brilliant idea is to make a video to place on your landing page. Videos are very popular today, as with new smart technologies people get lazier. So making an informative and comprehensible video will add to the promotion of your app.

5. The tactic that is going to make your mobile app more viral, and, thus, bring in more profit, lies in adapting it to various platforms. It goes without saying that this will induce a customer flow and render your mobile app more popular. Taking into consideration the fact that these are mobile applications, it is possible to overspread them by way of a text message or a QR code, as well as through various social networks. A lot of people are eager to at least consider acquiring a mobile app via social media.

Elinext Group has hands-on experience in delivering optimal app development solutions created for various platforms. One of these apps is both web and mobile development. The application is called to facilitate punching calculation and can be used on three different platforms.

6. Nowadays it is hard to imagine profitable app functioning without smart app store optimization. App store optimization is the key to becoming noticeable among an endless number of competing companies. There are various tactics that help iOS mobile app developers as well as Android mobile app developers to rank high in search results. A lot of elements must be taken into consideration, starting with a title, description, keywords, a publisher name, and ending with correct categorization, a unique icon, and eye-catchy screenshots. Moreover, videos have started to prove very useful in raising ratings recently. Consequently, app developers are trying to adapt their landing pages to the ongoing changes in ASO algorithm.

7. As some experts in the field assume, it is not likely that freemium mobile applications (applications that are free to download, but there are in app purchases in them) will take roots. Applications more likely to survive are those developed in a quality manner. These kinds of applications are free of charge when people have just started using it. Later, by providing incitements and making users’ experience more exciting, they are offered to pay and continue.

In general, the main requirement is to develop a mobile application that is going to be wanted, sought after, and talked of. People should want to first download it, and then be eager to pay for it, and forward it to their friends. It should be user friendly, appealing, and indispensible.

Obviously, all the given above recommendations can become really valuable only if you put enough effort, patience, and consistency in them. The process of monetizing customers requires hard work and diligence. If you have dead set on achieving your goal, there are no techniques and tips enough to use while you approach it. There is one more factor to keep in mind – users. Users are the main protagonists in this game. They define our objectives and determine our fates in the market. The art of profitable entrepreneurship is, first of all, in tailoring an application to the needs of your target audience, i.e. users. If done in the right way, it makes your product or service closer to your customer, being always at their fingertips. The importance of having a digital-savvy business can never be overrated.

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