Green Atlas
Green Atlas
Europe and America
Engagement model:
Time and material
4 weeks
2 developers
Technologies used
Android SDK
Google Map Api

Type: Green IT.

Requirements: This Green App must provide a simple interface between the Google Map and the user. This app must display the most interesting places in terms of ecology, and show the difference between regions by special parameters, and supports manipulations made to the map.

Challenge: The main challenge for our developers was to add the required functions to the Google Map and improve the performance of drawing:

  • How to display our layers and markers on the Google Map.
  • How to recognize which markers and layers must be displayed.
  • How to optimize the algorithm so it will be useful an dwill feature high performance

Solution: To solve the first task, our developers had to study lots of information about the Google Map itself before actually starting to develop the code. Our team developed simple and effective algorithms for recognizing points of layers and markers that needed to be displayed. Also developers spent a lot of time working to implement high level interactions between layers. That feature provides the possibility of map manipulation to the user. In addition our team solved performance problems related to mobile devices:

1. Provided two modes of displaying data for Low and High performance devices. 2. Optimized data (optimal count of polygons per layer). 3. Minimized time of redrawing layers on canvas.

Results: The development project outcome is an application for the Android/Android tablet mobile platforms, available for general market download. The application provides the user with next functionality:

Green Atlas screen:

  • Choose Markers Filter
  • Choose Region Filter
  • Map Manipulation

About Screen:

  • Provides information about the application and the company.
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