The One-in-a-Million Idea – Software Development for Drones

Imagine yourself at home craving for a pizza. So you order one. But instead of a delivery guy your pizza is brought over by a flying robot! In actual practice drones can accomplish much more challenging tasks than just pizza distribution.

  • Drones have turned out to be an asset for cinematographers in the pursuit of spectacular camera shots.
  • Paparazzi have discovered drones’ indisputable value in spying on famous people.
  • By shooting exhaustive videos of houses real estate agents gain advantage in the closing of a deal.
  • With the aid of drones farmers can monitor their husbandry and scatter pesticides over the fields if necessary.
  • Drones have breathed new life into aerial photography including capturing archeological sites.
  • Drones are able to make sporting events (or any other big event) more thrilling and exciting. The opportunity to watch activities from above, allows coaches to keep an eye on players from a brand new perspective.
  • Apart from the above mentioned outstanding application fields, there is one more simple reason that explains why drones are so popular: flying a drone is fun.

Having learned about other tasks drones can accomplish, pizza delivery doesn`t sound that impressive after all. They can also fly in standalone mode controlled by the means of software solutions developed by software development companies.

There is no denying the fact that software development for drones forms a connecting link between drones and their users, as well as between drones and their hardware. Software development services provide for viable features and efficient implementation. In turn, these two factors, deliver an authentic pilot experience. However, poorly built software can have a malign impact on drone usage and lead to unfavorable expenditures.

Software development companies can create capable software solutions to control unmanned aerial vehicles. A custom software development company sells all-inclusive customized products that can be tailored to specific needs of the clients. Custom software development for drones delivers crucial components of an operating system – message interface, analysis service, software architecture, and hardware tools. Drone software development offers the possibility to apply the following features:

1. Overcome challenges on a 3D/2D map.
2. Access an ultimate hurdle-free itinerary, defining areas where flight is forbidden.
3. Set a basic flight pass in just a few minutes by means of waypoints, by shooting the area and surrounding buildings.
4. Determine subsidiary actions to manage the drone (order to wait or linger, to take off or land, to make panoramic pictures).
5. Keep track of nearby air traffic.
6. Monitor the elevation profile through the itinerary.
7. Control telemetry data for additional examination.
8. Create tasks worked out for several vehicles.
9. Extend software application from one operator to a big enterprise.
10. Apply software elements on various platforms: MacOS, Windows, Linux.

Nowadays, modern software development companies divide software for drones depending on its source code. The source code is the environment in which developers design and modify software. Drone software can be either open source or proprietary.

Open source software implies that anyone can have a free access to its source code on the web. However, when it comes to proprietary drone software, the source code is thoroughly protected. There is a number of licensing terms that specify open source software distribution. However, almost any Internet user has the power to alter it by working out features not developed by its creators. As a rule, software development companies and designers establish standard specifications for public access. This way, many companies are able to introduce products that can interoperate seamlessly. Moreover, these products will function compatiblity with each other.

In order to get a permit to use closed-source proprietary software, you need a legitimate right entitled to you by the owner. Once you have the license, you can employ the software while taking into consideration several requisitions. Users are forbidden to modify, distribute, study, or share it. Commonly, the source code restricts access by the public. Usually producers compile this sort of software using a machine language perceived by the drone`s processor. Generally, the source code is not disclosed. Thus, the developers deprive the users of introducing any alterations. However, some experts believe that customers should be granted the opportunity to change features, add desired ones, or to adjust possible faults.

There is no doubt that efficient software development can enable drones to be capable of much more. There are plenty of intriguing ideas that can be brought to life by flying robots supplied with high-grade software. Navigation with unmanned aerial vehicles opens compelling horizons. Small drones can serve as guides and operate tours in universities, galleries, museums, and other environments.

Drones can also contribute to saving lives. The idea was brought up by a former student from Austria. He came up with a device that allowed drones to arrive at an emergency far ahead of an ambulance. With such a capacity, a drone can bring a defibrillator to a person having a heart attack considerably faster than an ambulance could. On one hand, the idea of delivering things via drone isn`t new and will hardly surprises anyone anymore. On the other, the concept itself touches upon a major issue.

One more range that proves that drones are a breakthrough is their deployment in crime control. Police and FBI make active use of drones for spying and surveillance as well as other similar actions. Drones can also prove useful in looking for and saving lives of missing people.

Unmanned aerial vehicles can be also used for environmental purposes. Drones are able to reach areas that are difficult to access, such as oil rigs, oil fields, and pipelines. Keeping track of the situation and having all the necessary data can actually avert a catastrophe.

In conclusion, it`s safe to say that sustainable software development guarantees unimpeded functioning and safe operation for drones. A set of solid composite elements empowers drones to meet a great number of astonishing and cutting edge challenges.

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