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Mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android-powered devices, have revolutionized our lifestyles and are already in the hands of millions of people around the globe. Living on the mobile planet, business owners should strive to engage their digital customers through wireless devices and build ceaseless communication with them. In so doing, any retailer can achieve a connection between the business and the person that enhances customer loyalty and satisfies the individual demands of every client.

Businesses aspiring to achieve and promote a unique competitive advantage in the glutted market require comprehensive, ingenious, and tight-knit mobile strategies. These strategies should comprise the most useful valuable tools that can combine and make the existing retail technologies interactive and enriched with powerful mobile platforms. Web and mobile application developers can help retail businesses improve client loyalty and increase revenue streams.

In order to illustrate the real power of mobile apps and demonstrate how mobile apps could help retailers organize m-commerce, a growing number of research studies are being undertaken these days. Thus, according to a forecast by Forrester, it’s expected that m-commerce will grow from EUR 1.7 billion in 2011 to EUR 19.2 billion in 2017. But which way is it better for a retailer to choose in order to connect the physical and digital worlds? Let’s have a look at the advantages that mobile applications may bring to your e-Commerce, m-Commerce, or Social commerce.

e-Commerce and mobile apps

Today it’s of high priority to be flexible. Being ready for the change, successful entrepreneurs understand the latest tendencies. With the increasing number of mobile Internet users, more and more website owners develop mobile versions of their websites.

Retailers receive additional traffic coming from mobile devices, giving consumers the possibility to access their online stores from various mobile devices. Moreover, such tools as price checkers, store locators, and QR code readers can significantly facilitate the shopping process.

m-Commerce and mobile apps

The pervasive power of mobile apps makes it easier to pay from smartphones and mobile devices while making purchases thanks to such innovative tendencies as NFC payments.

That means that the process of buying items with a phone becomes more comfortable with each following day. So, such mobile solutions as payments, mBanking, or mRemittance encourage mobile trading.

Social commerce and mobile apps

Smartphones, mobile apps, and social media sites are inseparable tools in the modern tech-savvy world. Social media has become one of the most popular activities for mobile users. And mobile social commerce will certainly become a significant revenue stream for retailers in the coming years.

Mobile apps create a substantial space that brings comprehensive opportunities for marketers to succeed in mobile social commerce. Being connected with customers on the go via mobile applications, retailers can significantly impact trading processes and their positive outcomes.

Without a doubt, mobile technologies continue to develop more and more taking up strategic positions for communication and entertainment. That’s why enterprising marketers who always look for profitable investments rely on mobile applications that can capture users’ attention and attract the best part of digital consumers.

Thanks to the user-friendly interfaces and powerful mobile platforms, consumers will continue to embrace their smartphones as a shopping tool for the foreseeable future. That’s why the growth of mobile commerce is expected to be impetuous. And only those business owners who keep pace with the times will be able to create a firm connection to clients and outperform their expectations.

Now it’s critical to think over how to optimize the mobile channel for sales, offering customers a touch-optimized shopping experience. Those retailers who have jumped on the bandwagon of innovative technologies already enjoy returns on their investments in IT.

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