ASO is the new SEO – App Store Optimization

As Gartner analysts put it, we should expect approximately 25% of businesses to launch their own app stores for operating corporate apps on mobile devices and PCs during the next four years. The first big step a company can take towards its clients loyalty is to go mobile with its website. The next big step to take is to create an app for business services and to make the enterprise even more compelling for potential customers.

Once you had your app launched, you need to ensure its advantageous functioning. Nowadays proper ASO is equated with mobile marketing success. Let’s have a closer look at some reasons why ASO is a must-do for a company today.

1. With ASO a company is most likely to rank high in search results.
2. App store optimization is the key to become noticeable among an endless number of competing companies.
3. Although it depends on the market, an average cost per install (CPI) is relatively low.
4. ASO helps a company find a ready market and renders business more prosperous.

While focusing on iOS and Android mobile app development, software development companies should be aware of the fact that there is no certain algorithm for mobile app promotion. At the same time there are some effective techniques which app developers can use to perfect their app store optimization.

Figure 1: How to optimize your app?

1. Title.

Title is one of the most crucial things which is going to help you stand out in the competitive market. Giving your app a name is quite an intricate task. On the one hand, it should be rather short, catchy and memorable. On the other hand, the title needs to be informative. It should immediately tell your potential customers what your company does.

Keywords can essentially facilitate your app promotion. Keywords are the words a user types in when he/she is in search of a service or a product. Consequently, when coming up with your title, try to find the heaviest word in terms of traffic. After all, a good name is the one based on a thorough research and thought rather than on its funny sound combination.

2. Description.

One more element that can help to get at the top of searching results is the way app development companies describe their service or product. This stage is of paramount importance too, as this is what your hypothetical clients first see when they consider installing it. It’s critical here to keep in mind that this is not a website, where a lot of extensive information is usually provided. So all the description should be given in brief. Yet, it should be comprehensive and convincing. What is your app about? Why does a customer need it? Why is it worth the price? Here are the aspects to be highlighted in the description.

3. Icon.

The look of a product is as important as its content. So the logo is also responsible for attracting traffic. It is definitely worth the expense to engage an experienced talented designer to dream up a unique icon for your mobile app. It should be creative, elegant, representative, and different from any other logos.

4. Screenshots.

Screenshots are a sort of a visual description of an app. This is a nice opportunity to advertise your product and show the most appealing sides of it. Here your app should be shown in the most flattering way. So screenshots are to be bright, eye-catchy and memorable.They are also aimed at showing your target audience that your mobile app has nice interface, is easy to navigate and simple to download.

This is another integral part of successful app store optimization. It entails an increase in downloads and a boost in ranking.

5. Category.

The correct categorization of your app accounts for a significant part its success in the mobile market. Not only does it help users to get oriented among manifold apps online, it can as well bring the desirable rating to app development companies.

It goes without saying that the decision-making process should not only rely upon what category is the most fitting in terms of relevance. Software development companies should carry out a research and find out what category is less competitive and generates more revenue.

Besides, there are several situations when placing an app in the wrong category can end up in tears.

  • Be reviewed by Apple before publishing and get rejected.
  • Be reviewed by a random user after publishing and get removed.

In the end, it is advisable to take into consideration that a proper chosen category gives your customers enhanced awareness of your app’s main objective and provides you with a better chance to be found.

6. Keywords.

This component of a viable ASO is the one similar in its optimization to SEO. In order to attract your target audience and make them follow your app, mobile app development companies have to skillfully select relevant keywords. But to do this one has to have a broad concept of his/her target audience. The knowledge of your potential buyers’ needs is a key to effective ASO at this point. It is recommended to insert as many keywords as possible in order to be found first.

Here are some leads on how to correctly select and use keywords:

  • There is a helpful tool worked out specially to think up appropriate and sought-after keywords. It is called Google Keyword Optimization tool.
  • While coming up with the right keyword it’s possible to use abbreviations.
  • It is advisable not to use spaces in the keywords field.
  • There are cases when it proves useful to check in two short words instead of a long word.
  • It’s better to register keywords in the plural.

7. Publisher name.

Although a publisher name does not have a major influence on the rating in search results, it is still worth paying attention to. Remember, if you decide to use keywords in your publisher name, you expose this whole enterprise to unnecessary risks.

There is one more additional technique app developers may consider. If some time has passed after your ASO, and you still don’t rank high in search results, it’s time for you to do some evaluation. The reasons can be many: wrong keywords, poor icon, inappropriate category, lame description, etc. Try to introduce one improvement at a time, so that you know exactly where the primary mistake was.

In today’s competitive atmosphere, efficient ASO is a recipe for a flourishing business. The above-mentioned techniques will guarantee top search ratings, provide a competitive advantage among thousands of apps, and ensure a high return on investment (ROI).

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