Android App Developers Help Retailers Get Wider Range of Average and Low-Income Clients

Not so long ago, the Internet was only a privilege of developed countries, and Apple with Blackberry were just fruits. However, thanks to the tech revolution all the benefits of online services have become available to the whole world. The truth is that wireless technologies and mobile devices significantly influence the way we live, communicate, and purchase goods or services.

Today it’s practically impossible to enumerate all the product items sold and bought over the Internet with the help of palm-friendly devices. Due to the increased use of the Internet and smartphones, a growing number of mobile users prefer to do shopping while on the go, as it is convenient and time-saving. No wonder, online shopping has gained immense popularity all over the globe. Let’s make a brief overview of the main advantages the mobile era brings to an average customer:

  • There is no more need to waste time and burn fuel for a trip to the nearest store as it is already at your fingertips. Everything you should do is to make a few taps on your mobile device, and you will be able to order the desired purchase that will be delivered to your doorsteps.
  • Thanks to the extensive choice of mobile applications for Android devices, multiple options are available for a mobile customer, including both online catalogs and price checking guides. Thus, mobile-commerce provides a simplified comparison of prices and features for goods of the same quality and guarantees freedom of choice.
  • These days online retailers strive to attract new clients by offering alluring discounts, free coupons, and product samples. And people, who count their income and expenses, take advantage of these offerings and save their money with pleasure. Consequently, online business owners raise the awareness of their product and make a profit by engaging new loyal customers.

As you may notice, there are solid reasons for average customers to make use of technological progress and place an online order using their mobile devices. But the question is why should an online retailer take advantage of the Android market and have its own mobile application for Android devices? The best way to answer this question is to appeal to the latest research statistics that helps big businesses implement groundbreaking strategies and expand their online and mobile presence:

  • The number of available mobile applications on Google Play exceeds 600,000;
  • 700,000 Android phones are activated every single day according to a Twitter message posted by the co-founder of Android Inc. and Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content at Google – Andy Rubin;
  • In July 2012, at the annual developer conference Google I/O the search giant announced that the total cumulative number of Android devices activated so far has reached over 400 million units.

What is more important is to analyze all possible advantages an Android application may bring to your business. Among the most popular and advantageous plug-ins that Android app developers can incorporate and adapt to your mobile application for Android devices are the following:

  • Product catalog with high-quality images that can allow your customers to see on their small screens clear product images. “Enlivening” catalog offerings through Android apps, retailers give their customers the possibility to make orders at any time and place.
  • Search by price, size, model, brand, or popularity. For a mobile user, it’s really important to save time and make must-have purchases quickly. That’s why it’s strategically important to provide your customers with the opportunity to find things they want immediately.
  • QR code or mobile barcode readers for Android phones allow getting product details. By scanning such codes you can make detailed information about services or products available to your customers on their mobile devices.
  • A shopping wish list is a useful tool to help your customers organize and manage the list of items needed to buy. A person can share his or her wish list with friends or family members via social networks or email. Wish lists are convenient instruments for buyers to keep track of products they would like to purchase in the future.
  • An Android app can be transformed into a special service channel for announcing stock liquidations, coupons, discounts, or any other promotions that your clients should be informed about.
  • Augmented reality is another thing that can be implemented in mobile apps for retailers. Having the possibility to use augmented reality in your Android app retailers will be able to allow their customers to try clothes on themselves virtually using the phone’s camera.

It’s obvious that the mobile market has billions of customers, as modern society relies more and more on wireless devices dealing with activities of daily living. As a result, the mobile Internet is becoming the favorite shopping experience for the great majority of modern customers worldwide. And those retailers who expect to stay afloat in this tech-savvy world should be ready to reach their clients and potential customers through mobile applications.

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